Name: Xandu...Real name unknown

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2

ID: Secret

Team/Family: Husband to Melinda.

Powers: Originally a Student of the Mystic Arts, the man who is known as Xandu learned to become very good at mind controlling through use of hypnotic spells...He has also been the "owner" many times of an object known as the "Wand of Watoomb"...It is a source of Mystic Power enabling the "owner" the ability to open up doorways between dimensions & create passage ways to other worlds & times...It also gives him the ability to see anyone & anything.

Spidey's Foe?: Yes, as much as he is a foe of Doctor Strange.

Met: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, Reprinted in Dr. Strange #179...Also...Marvel Team-Up #21...Marvel Fanfare #6, 20 & 21...Secret Defenders #6-8...Spider-Man/ Dr. Strange: The Way To Dusty Death


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