Name: Brian DeWolff

1st App.: Marvel Team-Up #48

Death: Amazing Spider-Man #278

ID: Secret

Team/Family: Former ally of Ironman, member of NYPD...Brother of the late Jean DeWolff

Powers: The Wraith possesses Psionic powers capable of controlling & reading the mind of another but only one person at a time...Can also create illusions in ones mind & induce pain in his victims...Power to telekinetically levitate items with an unknown limitation. He is even another vigilante/villain killed by the criminal assassin known as Scourge.

Spidey's Foe?: Yes, as well as a couple dozen other Maggia related members, but he is an important one.

Met: Marvel Team-Up #48-51...Also...Marvel Team-Up # 72...Amazing Spider-Man #278


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