Name: Edward Whelan

ID: Secret

Relatives: Unnamed Mother and Father.

Affiliates: Former allies of Arnim Zola & Baron Zemo II.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Captain America, Baron Zemo II, Punisher.

Powers: Edward has the appearance of a humanoid Rat...With Long, claw-like fingernails, razor sharp teeth and body covered fur...He once gained the ability to revert to human form at his own will...In addition, he has a very acute sense of smell and the mental control over Rats and Dogs within a radius of a couple miles.

Origin: Vermin is the product of an experimental process involving Psycho-Genetic Engineering designed by Captain America's arch enemy, Arnim Zola.

1st App.: Captain America #272

September 1977

Origin Issues: Spectacular Spider-Man #182

Spider-Man Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #131, 132, 178-184, & 194-196...Amazing Spider-Man #293, 294, 394 & 403...Web Of Spider-Man #32 & 117...Marvel Team-Up #128.

Other Appearances: Captain America #272 & 275-278...Marvel Knights #14 & 15...Wolverine Annual 2001


After being defeated by Captain America, Vermin was turned over to S.H.I.E.L.D. and then escaped...He then returned to his creator Arnim Zola and was shackled with Captain America in a dungeon...After battling both Spidey & Cap in Marvel Team-Up #128, He was later captured by Kraven the Hunter and forced to fight Spidey in the classic Kraven's Last Hunt storyline.

In another great storyline, Vermin attacked his own parents after escaping an asylum...Spider-Man caught him again and was returned to be cared for...After temporarily gaining the ability to become human at will, Edward became Vermin once again courtesy of the Traveller, who later turned out to be just master of illusion...Vermin was last seen "bumping" into the Punisher in Marvel Knights #14. 

Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)

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