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Secret Wars #8

1st Appearance of The alien symbiote costume that later becomes Venom, after a period of being Spider-Man's temporary costume.


First Full appearance of Venom after a cameo appearance at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #299...This is the real 1st appearance of the Eddie Brock/Alien Symbiote costume combo!...Venom makes his comeback in Amazing Spider-Man 316 after his escape from prison in #315...This story lasts till Amazing Spider-Man #317.

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Yet another classic battle with Spider-Man, he eventually branched out into other titles such as Quasar, Darkhawk, The Vault Graphic Novel...And even against Wolverine in Marvel Comic's Presents...He started to appear just about everywhere!


There was also a One-Shot entitled Spider-Man Special Edition, The Trial Of Venom...Part of the Proceeds went to benefit UNICEF...Venom "spawned" off another villain by the name of Carnage who eventually took some of the thunder away from Venom and the 2 have fought side by side against each other!

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he Mini-Series have stopped & Venom has returned once again in the pages of the the second volumes of Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Man with his "re-introduction" in Spider-Man #9...His place amongst Spidey's greatest villains is forever solidified!


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