Name: Kraven

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Tabidi, Girlfriend

Enemies: Spider-Man

Powers: Kraven possesses no real superhuman powers at this point. He is well trained at hand to hand combat with wild animals. He can wrestle 50 foot crocodiles, box wild kangaroos, and hunt and wrestle wild game with his bare hands.

Origin: It is unknown at this point as to what degree Kraven's powers can be deemed superhuman, therefore there is no origin as to what powers he may have at this point.



1st App.: Ultimate Spider-Man #16


February 2002


Ultimate Spider-Man Appearances:
Ultimate Spider-Man
#16, 17 & 19-21



Kraven was introduced in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man #16, where he was a hunter from the outback of Australia with his own syndicated reality-based type television series. In fact, The series is the number one rated television show in syndication.  After taming the wildest of animals in the Outback, Kraven and his producers planned a big move for his career and the television show in general: Make a visit to New York City.  When Kraven and his entourage landed by plane in New York, his plans were officially announced: Kraven came to the United States to hunt the wildest game of all: Spider-Man. And he planned on killing him with his bare hands!


At first, Kraven had doubts about the entire plan, thinking that the hunt for Spider-Man was nothing but "cheap theatrics",  but the show's producers quickly changed his mind. Kraven made the rounds for publicity, even visiting Peter's High School, but soon the "Hunt" was to begin. In Ultimate Spider-Man #20, Kraven's "prey" was found and he and his producers were ready. At first, everybody involved had to wait the outcome of Spider-Man's battle with Doctor Octopus, but once Spider-Man soundly defeated Ock, Kraven was ready to pounce. Pounce he did, but in Ultimate Spider-Man #21, Spider-Man didn't take him too seriously and knocked him out silly with one punch.



Ultimate Spider-Man Fear Rating: 1 (out of 10)

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