Name: Norman Osborn

ID: Unknown

Relatives: Harry Osborn, Son...Martha,  Wife (Deceased)

Affiliates: Employer of Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus)

Enemies: Spider-Man

Powers: Norman as the Green Goblin has super strength and the ability to produce fire and smoke from his hands that he can use as weapons mostly in the form of fireballs...He can also jump great distances due to his incredibly muscular legs.

Origin: Norman injected himself with a pure form of the drug Oz after seeing what the drug did to young Peter Parker after he was bit by a spider injected with the same drug. What he ended up as though was a horrible and powerful creature bent on destruction! 



1st App.: Full - Ultimate Spider-Man #6
Cameo - Ultimate Spider-Man #4
Norman Osborn - Ultimate Spider-Man #1

April 2001

Ultimate Spider-Man Appearances:  Norman Osborn: Ultimate Spider-Man #1-3 & 22-24
Green Goblin: Ultimate Spider-Man
& 22-24




Norman is partly responsible for Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man. It was at Osborn Industries where Peter was bitten with a spider injected with a drug called Oz and Norman knows this. At first Norman tried to kill Peter but after failing, decided to inject himself with the same drug. Not such a good idea! A massive explosion occurred during the injection and Norman's body was not found. His body transformed into a hulking, powerful monster that went to his mansion and destroyed it and killed his wife. He later went on to attack Peter's High School probably to try and kill his son Harry. It is here where we see the first major meeting between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, Ultimate style. Spider-Man ends up saving the school, but the Goblin seemingly dies after being gunned down and falling into the river.

Ultimate Spider-Man Fear Rating: 10 (out of 10)

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