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Name: Fancy Dan- Daniel Crenshaw
 Montana - Unknown
Ox - Unknown

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Employees of the Kingpin and Mr. Big (Deceased), Allies with Electro, and formerly the unnamed Burglar (Uncle Ben Killer)

Enemies: Spider-Man

Powers: Fancy Dan - Highly Skilled Gunman
Montana - Expert with a lasso
Ox - Great Strength, yet super-human

Origin: Not much is known, other than that they have a past in organized crime.



1st App.: Ultimate Spider-Man #9, (Computer File Photo)
Ultimate Spider-Man
#8 (Full)

July 2001

Spider-Man Appearances:
Ultimate Spider-Man #9-12

Other Appearances




The Only storyline thus far related to the Enforcers is in Ultimate Spider-Man #9-12. Spider-Man went looking for answers to who killed his Uncle Ben, when he tried to battle the Kingpin, the millionaire crime lord, he instead found his henchmen, the Enforcers and Electro. At first, Spidey meets the Enforcers for the first time and ties them all up to wall with his webbing, but is forced out by 2 FBI Agents. In Ultimate Spider-Man #10, the Enforcers help Kingpin kill his under boss, Mr. Big. The Enforcers, along with Electro are finally beaten by Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man #12, where they are taken out fairly easily. Is this the end of the Ultimate Enforcers, lets hope not!


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    4 (out of 10)

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