Name: Doctor Otto Octavius

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Former Employee of Norman Osborn...Former spy used by Justin Hammer

Enemies: Spider-Man, Justin Hammer

Powers: Four mentally-controlled electrically powered steel tentacles attached to a steel harness which Otto has fused into his torso due to an explosion. The arms are locked into his central nervous system, and each tentacle has 3 single-jointed pinchers. With use of the arms, he has superhuman strength, and new to the ultimate version of Doc Ock, his arms have morphing  abilities as well as the ability to create energy. Octavius is also a gifted scientist.

Origin: Octavius received his powers due to an explosion at Osborn industries, while wearing a metal harness with 4 tentacles. After 3 months in a coma, the Doctor learned that the harness has been fused into his torso and he has gained mental control of the arms. He became amnesiac and mad as a result of the explosion, blaming the scientists and government for being experimented upon instead of being helped. His amnesia has gradually returned to the point where he remembers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.



1st App.: (Dr. Otto Octavius) Ultimate Spider-Man #2
(Dr. Octopus)
Ultimate Spider-Man #14


December 2001

Ultimate Spider-Man Appearances:
 (Dr. Otto Octavius) Ultimate Spider-Man #2-4
(Dr. Octopus)
Ultimate Spider-Man #14-21



Octavius is first introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man #2 as a scientist at Osborn Industries and meets a young man named Peter Parker. He tells Peter that he heard of his "unfortunate incident" with the arachnid project, and takes a blood sample from Peter. After the test results come in, Norman Osborn plans to inject himself with the same Oz serum that gave Peter his powers as Spider-Man. Octavius is first seen with his mechanical tentacles while the injection to Osborn is underway, but an explosion occurs, and Dr. Octavius is not seen for quite some time. He turned out to be barely alive but in the hands of government scientists using him as a guinea pig.


He was first given the name Doctor Octopus by two scientists, when he later appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man #14. Otto received severe trauma to his optic nerve as well as having the metal harness fused into his torso. After 3 months in a coma, Octavius got free and went on a murderous rampage. Delusional, he blames his condition on tycoon industrialist Justin Hammer, who used Ock as an industrial spy in the past. Ock first met and soundly beaten Spider-Man at Hammer's energy dome project, then publicly blames Hammer for his creation live on television. The second round with Spider-Man, Ock was caught with his pants down, knocked out, and a tentacle torn off.



Ultimate Spider-Man Fear Rating: 9 (out of 10)

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