Dr. Judas

& His Host

Name: Dr. Judas Traveller & His Host (Medea, Chakra, Dr. Nacht, Boone)

ID: Secret

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Scrier, Norman Osborn, Spider-Man.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Scrier, Kaine.

Powers: Traveller was originally thought to have very powerful abilities such as the ability to travel through time, change appearance, and destroy with but a thought...It was later revealed that he possesses only limited psionic powers and the ability to alters peoples perception of reality...Being a world renowned criminal psychologist, he is also an expert on human nature and it's capacity for good and evil...The Host: Medea - Expert with weaponry, fast strong, agile. Chakra - Ability to take on an astral form. Boone - "Tracker Man". Dr. Nacht - Expert note taker and far from the most powerful man in the Marvel Universe.

Origin: The Doctor's abilities are mutant in origin.



1st App.: Web Of Spider-Man #117

October 1994

Origin:  Osborn Journal #1, Amazing Spider-Man #417

Spider-Man Appearances: Web Of Spider-Man #117 & 126...Amazing Spider-Man #394, 400-403, 416 & 417...Spectacular Spider-Man #217 & 224...Spider-Man #51, 57 & 59

The Host

Dr. Judas Traveller and his Host was originally thought to be an extremely powerful being of mysterious origins...He was obsessed with his study of human nature and the forces of good and evil and his most studied object was none other than Spider-Man...Traveller played a role in the clone saga and was allied with Scrier early in it...His employees The Host were trusty until the end as they all turned on the Traveller except for one: His lover Chakra.



In Amazing Spider-Man #417 everything regarding the truth about Traveller came out as he was being saved by Chakra and Spider-Man from Scrier, Gaunt and their employer/ Mastermind Norman Osborn. It was discovered that Traveller's abilities were only limited to being psionic and able to alter one's perceptions of reality. Traveller was used as a pawn by Norman Osborn in the entire clone saga and used well...The inability of Scrier to kill Traveller cost Scrier his life at the hands of Gaunt. Dr. Judas Traveller has yet to resurface again.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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