Name: Lonnie Thompson Lincoln

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown.

Affiliates: Former employee of the Kingpin, Arranger, Chameleon, Hammerhead & The Hand...Ally of Bengal, Bullet, Big Ben.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Black Cat, Punisher, Daredevil, Darkhawk, Nomad, Luke Cage, Gambit, Joe Robertson, Hobgoblin, Taskmaster, Hammerhead. 

Powers: Lonnie was a childhood friend of Peter Parker's friend & Co-Worker Joe Robertson but even his friendship wasn't enough to keep him from turning evil...He is a great hitman who keeps in peak physical condition...Great with firearms...Mostly known for his Strangle hold. Superhuman strength was gained a bit later in his career. Sensitive to the sun due to Lonnie being an Albino.

Origin: Lonnie originally had no source of his powers but eventually gained superhuman strength after being contained in an airtight chamber with gas used in a test at an Osborn Chemical Plant. Their was a mutagenic reaction to the gas that was absorbed into his bloodstream.




1st App.: Web Of Spider-Man #36

March 1988

Origin:  Spectacular Spider-Man #139
Web Of Spider-Man

Spider-Man Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #137-142, 149-153, 155-157, 161, 163, 165, 166 & 204-206...Web Of Spider-Man #36, 38, 66-68 & 120...Spider-Man #73 & 74...Spider-Man Team-Up #5...Spider-Man/ Punisher: Family Plot #1& 2...Tangled Web #13 & 16

Other Appearances: Daredevil #292, 293 & 307-309...Darkhawk #10-15...Cage #2-4...Nomad #4...Punisher War Journal #47...Marvel Knights #11 & 12



Most of Tombstone's early appearances revolved around his relationship with Joe Robertson, his childhood "friend". In High School Robertson wrote an article on Lonnie's extortion activities and then was attacked by Lonnie. Years later, Tombstone murdered a crimelord, Ozzie Montana, and Robertson was tipped on the murder and testified on it years later where he was sent to prison from withholding evidence from authorities. Tombstone, also in prison at the time, learned of Robertson's whereabouts, and then was transferred to the same prison as his childhood friend. Spider-Man first encountered Tombstone when he was working for the Kingpin and the two has had many battles over the years. As you can see by his appearances, Tombstone was a villain "mainstay" in Web Of Spider-Man & Spectacular Spider-Man.




Tombstone received a power "boost" in Web Of Spider-Man #66-68 when he encountered Joe Robertson yet again at an Osborn Chemical Plant. Robertson shot him and he was trapped in an airtight chamber filled with gas. The effects of the gas gave him superhuman strength and was very grateful to Robertson for this in some strange way. Tombstone was part of a major storyline, "Dead Man's Hand", in the pages of Daredevil, Cage, and Nomad and has also appeared in Darkhawk, but Tombstone made his name in the pages of the Spider-Titles and was played a prominent role in the 2-issue limited series Spider-Man/ Punisher: Family Plot. It has been awhile since we seen Tombstone as he has had only token appearances since his "heyday" as a major Spider-Man villain. Most recently seen in Marvel Knights #11.



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 6 (out of 10)

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