Name: Carl King

ID: Secret

Relatives: Unnamed Mother and Father (Both Deceased)

Affiliates: None.

Enemies: Spider-Man

Powers: The Thousand is literally a thousand spiders that hold Carl King's consciousness and has the ability to liquefy the innards of a human then walk within his hollow shell. He also has super-human strength and agility.

Origin: Carl King was trying to emulate what happened to Peter Parker when he was bitten by a radio-active that eventful day. He had no idea on how to irradiate a spider so he did what he thought was the next best thing: Eating the dead already irradiated spider that bit Peter Parker. After a couple of days went by, Carl's body began breaking down and started to consume itself, changing literally into a thousand spiders



1st App.: Tangled Web #1

June 2001

Spider-Man Appearances: Tangled Web #1-3



Carl King was a life-long bully, especially to Peter Parker. From Kindergarten through High School, Carl would pick on the young bookworm. Carl was also a witness to Peter getting bitten by the radio-active spider that gave him his spider-powers that eventful day at the Nuclear Physics Exhibition while on a class trip from Midtown High School. Carl then followed Peter home that same day and was aware of the events leading up to Peter taking the costumed identity of Spider-Man. Carl wanted it to be him and always thought that it should have been him with the powers instead of Peter so he ate the dead radio-active spider that gave Peter his powers and he became literally a thousand spiders, killed his parents and went on to kill many more. In the end though, he was electrocuted while fighting Spider-Man killing every spider but one, but that one little spider soon felt the bottom of a man's shoe while accidentally stepped on.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 7 (out of 10)

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