Name: Luis Alvarez

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Operative of the Delvadian government. Ally of Scorpion, Chameleon, Femme Fatales. 

Enemies: Spider-Man, Punisher, Captain America, Black Cat, Batroc the Leaper, Solo, the Jury.

Powers: Olympic level athlete with incredible agility and leaping skills...Excellent in hand to hand combat...Wore gloves with retractable razor blades and boots with retractable razor sharp points loaded with drugs that would render his victim unconscious. Tarantula II's strength and speed is somewhat greater than that of his predecessor.

Origin: A Captain in the Delvadian army, "El Arana" was also the leader of a rebel fighting death squad. His government saw him as the perfect candidate to succeed the first Tarantula. He was subjected to a number of painful experiments that included a serum that was slightly similar to the serum that gave Captain America his original abilities by Dr. Karl Mendoza.




1st App.: Web Of Spider-Man #35
Venom: Sinner Takes All #4

February 1988

Origin:  Web Of Spider-Man #36

Spider-Man Appearances: Web Of Spider-Man #35 & 36...Spectacular Spider-Man #137 & 138...Amazing Spider-Man #341 & 343

Other Appearances:
Captain America #413...Marvel Comics Presents #88...Punisher #68-70...Venom: Sinner Takes All #2-4



Luis was carefully selected by the Delvadian government to replace the original Tarantula. He was the perfect choice having served their army well and was a leader of a death squad. He was treated with a mutagenic serum similar to the one Captain America received long ago. The treatment was a success but Luis killed the man administering the serum. The man was Dr. Karl Mendoza who worked with the Red Skull in his younger days as told in Web Of Spider-Man #35 and 36. The second Tarantula was a little stronger, quicker, and agile than the first Tarantula as he had the benefit of the serum and he would soon be sent to the United States to avenge the original by trying to kill Spider-Man in Spectacular Spider-Man #137 & 138.  After being defeated by Spider-Man, Luis would next go on to battle the Punisher and Batroc the Leaper in Punisher #68-70.




The second Tarantula would later seek revenge on Spider-Man once again in tha pages of Amazing Spider-Man #341 and 343 where he allied himself with the Scorpion and the Femme Fatales. This time Spider-Man had some help in the form of the Black Cat, and La Tarantula as the identity he created,  was defeated yet again. Tarantula II went outside the pages of the Spider-Verse a little more than the first one and he appeared in a story in Marvel Comics Presents #88 where he battled Solo and yet again with a minor appearance with many other villains in Captain America #413, but he made his swan song in a back-up series in Venom: Sinner Takes All #2-4. In those three issues, he is held captive by the Jury where his fate is in their hands. He eventually breaks free but not before being caught by the member named Wysper who twists and breaks his neck seemingly killing him.  Is there a Tarantula III in the future?


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 5 (out of 10)

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