Anton Miguel Rodriguez

ID: Known

Relatives: Hildalgo Rodriguez, brother

Affiliates: Ally of Lightmaster, Kraven, Jackal, Senor Suerte II,  Brand Corporation.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Captain America, Punisher, Will O' The Wisp

Powers: Great athlete with incredible agility and leaping skills...Excellent in hand to hand combat...Wore gloves with retractable razor blades and boots with retractable razor sharp points loaded with drugs that would render his victim unconscious.

Origin: As a revolutionary terrorist and government operative, Anton was expelled from his small organization after murdering a guard without reason during a robbery.  This is when Anton went on to the other repressive side of the government where they created the identity of the Tarantula for him and to serve as his country's counterpart to Captain America.


1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #134
Amazing Spider-Man #236

July 1974

Origin:  Amazing Spider-Man #135

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #134, 135, 147-149 & 233-236...Spectacular Spider-Man #1-3

Other Appearances:
Captain America #224



The Tarantula was one of those later villains introduced in Amazing Spider-Man that was quite successful. He was quickly thrust into some important storylines including an Punisher appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #135 one issue after his debut where he hijacked a dayliner to rob the passengers where Peter Parker just happened to also be aboard. He was seen next in the middle of the original clone saga, in Amazing Spider-Man #147-149,  where he allied himself with the Jackal after the Jackal helped him escape prison and he sought revenge on Spider-Man. Next, he appeared in the debut issue of Spectacular Spider-Man #1 where he appeared for the first three issues allying himself with Kraven the Hunter and the new villain Lightmaster. 




The Tarantula stayed in the Spider-Verse except for one time in the pages of Captain America #224 where he and Senor Suerte, an old Luke Cage villain, battled Cap. Next, It was the beginning of the end for Anton Miguel in Amazing Spider-Man #233 where he was hired by the Brand Corporation to kill Spider-Man in return for powers similar to Spider-Man. After being injected with a mutagenic serum and placed in a electrolyte bath, Will O' The Wisp disrupted the mutagenic process. As a result, the Tarantula transformed into an eight legged humanoid spider. After continuing to mutate, he battled both Spider-Man and the Wisp atop a tall building. Horrified at was he has become, the Tarantula committed suicide by jumping off the building also putting himself in the line of police gunfire in Amazing Spider-Man #236.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 5 (out of 10)

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