Name: Fritz Von Meyer

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Many, Many Bees!

Enemies: Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, Champions, Dr. Morris Sloan, Rhino, Dr. Druid, Cadaver, Shadowoman

Powers: An ex-nazi scientist, Fritz gained powers of mutated bees where he is basically made up of bees, killer bees!...Approximately 220,000 of them...Can shoot "blasts" of bees for attacks. He has mental control of these bees & every other mutant bee around the world. Swarm can fly and is also impervious to bullets.

Origin: As a former Nazi scientist, Von Meyer hid in South America after World War II. He became very interested in the breeding and keeping of bees. One day he discovered a highly radioactive over-sized beehive due to a meteorite bombardment. The bees that inhabited the hive demonstrated great intelligence. Von Meyer tried to manipulate the bees so that he may train them by using a psionic beam. As a result, the bees underwent even a greater mutation. The bees attacked him and consumed his body in which now only the skeleton existed resulting in a living "Swarm"!




1st App.: Champions #14 

July 1977

Spider-Man Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #36 & 37...Sensational Spider-Man # 9 & 10...Lethal Foes Of Spider-Man #3 & 4

Other Appearances
#14 & 15...Secret Defenders #19



Swarm began in a two part story in the Champions #14 & 15 where he almost defeated the entire team by covering the top several floors of a building with over 2 billion bees! It wasn't until Hercules threw the queen bee into the river and thereby having all the other bees follow her. All that was left of Swarm was his skeleton. That skeleton came into play in Spectacular Spider-Man #36 & 37 where it was discovered that one bee was left behind in his skeleton while being studied at Empire State University where Peter Parker attends. The bee awoke and bred instantly and Swarm was once again alive! Spider-Man defeated Swarm by coating his costume and webbing in bee repellent thereby driving the bees away as well as making the bees attack themselves. 




Swarm next showed up in the limited series Lethal Foes Of Spider-Man where feedback from the Rhino's laser gun disrupted the psychic link Swarm and the bees once again leaving behind a bare skeleton. Swarm made a rather strange appearance in Secret Defenders #19 where the bees no longer needed the remains of Von Meyer around which to coalesce. In a more normal appearance, he made his last one in Sensational Spider-Man #9 &10 where he became a huge living hive but just like every other appearance, he was again defeated. Definitely a character with some great potential, it would be great to see Swarm in the pages of a Spider-Man comic once again. 


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    5 (out of 10)

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