Styx & Stone


Names: Jacob Eichorn & Gerald Stone.

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #309

IDs: Known

Team/Family: They are a duo unto themselves.

Powers: (Styx) Ability to kill organic matter with a single touch due to his "Living Cancer" disease & Immunity...(Stone) Use of Blaster with many blasts including Gas Pellets, Sonic Beams, Strobe-Burst, & Nova-Beam as well as others...They both have use of a Turbo-Copter they use for transportation.

Spidey's Foes?: A relatively new set of foes for Spidey, none the less they have been very distrustful to say the least!

Met:...Amazing Spider-Man #309...Also: Amazing Spider-Man #332, 333, 376 & 377...Spider-Man: The Arachnis Project #1

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