Name: Peter Parker (Clone), "Freakface"

ID: Known

Relatives: Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Kaine (All brothers in a sense).

Affiliates:  Agent of the Jackal, Judas Traveller & Scrier.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Kaine, Jackal.

Powers: Spidercide has all the abilities and powers that Spider-Man has and then some...He has a malleable body much like Mister Fantastic but not as extreme and can create sharp weapons with his body...Spidercide also can turn into a liquid form and re-materialize into a solid.

Origin: Spidercide is a clone of Peter Parker created by the Jackal who has created all of the Spider-Man clones such as Kaine and the Scarlet Spider...The Jackal made Spidercide believe he was the true Peter Parker and used him for his plots

1st App.:  (Costume) Spectacular Spider-Man #226...(Full Appearance) New Warriors #61 (Chronologically)...The Jackal Files #1 (Flashback)...(As Clone) Spectacular Spider-Man #222

July 1995

Spider-Man Appearances:  (Spidercide) Amazing Spider-Man #404...Spider-Man #61...Spectacular Spider-Man #226 & 227...Maximum Clonage Alpha...Maximum Clonage Omega...(As Clone or "freakface") Spectacular Spider-Man #222-225...Web Of Spider-Man #123 & 124...Amazing Spider-Man #400 & 401...Spider-Man #57 & 58...Spider-Man Unlimited #9 (Remains of)

Other Appearances: (Spidercide) New Warriors #61...Conspiracy #1

Spidercide or "freakface" as he was originally referred to when only a clone, was initially led to believe that he was the one true Peter Parker by his creator the Jackal...He was then used for the Jackal's plots against both Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider...He was left for dead after a major battle in Spectacular Spider-Man #224 only to have his remains scooped up by Scrier and delivered to the Jackal...He came back with a new costume in Spectacular Spider-Man #226... He was involved as a major player in the Maximum Clonage storyline that ran through all the Spider-Man titles at the time...The only different title that he was featured in was the New Warriors that began to guest the Scarlet Spider in a number of issues. 


The Maximum Clonage story featured many clones, The Jackal, Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider...Spidercide died in the middle of Maximum Clonage Omega when he jumped out of a building with the Jackal, who he was trying to kill, then the Scarlet Spider used his webbing to stop their fall...Spidercide cut through the webbing though and fell to the ground seemingly dying...All of his memories of Peter Parker's past have been implanted in him by the Jackal.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 5 (out of 10)

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