Name: Alistaire Alphonso Smythe

ID: Known

Relatives: Spencer, Father (Deceased)

Affiliates: Former employee of the Kingpin

Enemies: Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus II

Powers: Alistaire is also a  technological genius, maybe even more so than his Father...He has created a more Spider-Slayers than his Father...As the "Ultimate" Spider-Slayer, Smythe used his technological hardened body as a weapon with its Biorganic Carapace which boosts his strength and protects him from harm while using razor-sharp spikes from his arms & shoulders on the offense...It also enables him to walk once again which he would eventually discard as it had a beneficial side effect on his spine.

Origin: After being crippled from crashing his 1st Spider-Slayer, Smythe became wheelchair ridden and became transformed slowly into the "Ultimate" Spider-Slayer...Subsequently, Smythe had no need for the carapace and was normal once again.



1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19


Origin Issues: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19...As "Ultimate" Spider-Slayer: Amazing Spider-Man #373.

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #291, 292, 368-373, V2 #20, 21 & Annual #19...Web Of Scarlet Spider #2...Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1 & 2...Scarlet Spider #1 & 2


Alistaire was initially a disturbed loner who was obsessed with avenging his father's death...His first Spider-Slayer was actually a Flying Saucer equipped with various weaponry...Somehow he was convinced that Mary Jane Watson was Spider-Man and caught her...This brought his first downfall as the real Spider-Man saved her and Smythe flew his Slayer into power lines and was left crippled until...



...Alistaire slowly evolved into something  much different...After another defeat at the hands of Spider-Man while inside a Giant Spider-Slayer, Alistaire encased himself in a Biorganic Carapace during the classic "Invasion of the Spider-Slayers" storyline and became the "Ultimate" Spider-Slayer, but again, was defeated at the hands of Spider-Man...I guess it runs in the family!



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