Name: Unknown/ Inapplicable...Discovered to be an organization instead of just an individual.

ID's: Secret

Relatives: Unknown/ Inapplicable.

Affiliates: Ally of Traveller, Norman Osborn, Gaunt, Spidercide, Dr. Nacht, The Rose...Strong ties to Organized crime.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Jackal, Gaunt.

Powers:  The Brotherhood of the Scriers have no known super-powers but each member possesses excellent fighting skills and espionage techniques...They also have use of expensive sophisticated weaponry as well.

Origin: The Brotherhood of the Scriers has alot of mystery surrounding them...It has been learned that they are a Secret, Centuries old Cabal...They are an exclusive group of individuals inspired by a mythical being of immense supernatural power who may or may not have actually existed...Shortly after Norman Osborn's "death", he joined and rose up the ranks of the Scrier and after a hostile takeover, has led them ever since.



1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #394

October 1994

Origin: Osborn Journal #1, Amazing Spider-Man #417

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #394, 399, 401, 402, 404, 416, 417, 434, 435 & Annual 2000...Spectacular Spider-Man #217 & 222-224...Spider-Man #56, 59 & 98...Spider-Man Unlimited #9...Maximum Clonage Omega...Osborn Journal #1...Revenge Of The Green Goblin #1 & 2

Note: The Carrion virus' creation is explained in detail in Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 as originally being a serum that was meant to make the High Evolutionary's New Men (human-like animals) more human but the serum eventually transformed them into living corpses.

Scrier was originally an individual introduced during the clone saga in Amazing Spider-Man #394 as an ally of Judas Traveller...He was a character that got more mysterious with each and every appearance that he made...He recovered the third Peter Parker clone it's seeming demise and befriended him while the third Parker clone was in the guise of Spidercide and even removed his degeneration factor that the Jackal gave him...The Scrier allied himself to others as well including The new Rose and Gaunt, but Gaunt's alliance was very short as the individual we got to know as Scrier died at the hands of Gaunt in Amazing Spider-Man #417.




Amazing Spider-Man #417 was also known for another vital fact regarding Scrier: Scrier was revealed to be an organization instead of just one individual...The Brotherhood of the Scriers is a centuries old organization and is presently led by Norman Osborn and used as his "eyes & ears" during the entire clone saga before he came out of "retirement"...The Brotherhood even retrieved Norman from being taken to a Psyche Ward after his fight with Spider-Man towards the end of the "Gathering Of Five" ritual that gave Norman great Madness...There are still many unanswered questions regarding this Secret Cabal led by Spider-Man's greatest nemesis!


Spider-Man Fear Rating:
 6 (out of 10)

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