Name: Ebenezer Laughton

ID: Known

Relatives: Ralph Laughton, Brother

Affiliates: Member of the firm, ally of Count Nefaria, Unicorn, Eel, Porcupine, Plantman, Cowled Commander, and also his many crows!

Enemies: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, X-Men, Ghost Rider II,

Powers:  The Scarecrow originally had the agility of a professional contortionist and was able to escape many situations and places. He is also well trained as an acrobat and a master bird trainer and can command birds to attack and perform various acts. The Scarecrow's body produces a mutated pheromone that affects the adrenal glands of people within 20 feet of him that triggers a panic attack. He also has super-human strength, speed, stamina, and healing abilities. He many times uses a pitchfork as a weapon.

Origin: The Scarecrow was originally a variety show contortionist that helped Iron Man catch a thief using his skills. He then realized that he was the equal of an average hero-type, but figured that crime paid better and turned to a life of crime. The source of his super-human powers were obtained from surgical implants given to him by doctors that worked for the Firm.



1st App.: Tales Of Suspense #51

March 1964

Spider-Man Appearances
Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #22

Other Appearances: Tales Of Suspense #51...Uncanny X-Men #22 & 23...Captain America #158, 159, 279, 280 & Annual 6...Ghost Rider V2 #7, 38, 63-65, 86 & Annual 2...Ghost Rider/ Captain America: Fear #1...Ghost Rider: Crossroads #1




The Scarecrow only fought Spider-Man once throughout his long career but it was an early and  memorable one. As told in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #22, The Scarecrow had two battles with Spidey. The first one he was victorious and the second one he was made a fool of and defeated by Spider-Man. Introduced as an Iron Man villain in Tales Of Suspense #51, the Scarecrow went on to battle the X-Men, Captain America, and Ghost Rider. He has come back from death a couple of times most notably after being impaled by his very own pitchfork in Ghost Rider V2 #7. Also interesting was that he was once offered a spot in the Green Goblin's criminal underworld which he soon turned down. Only time will tell if we see the Scarecrow and Spider-Man together again, but we always have the one fine issue to read and re-read again!


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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