Name: I - Richard Fisk, II - Sgt. Blume, III - Jacob Conover

ID: Known  (all 3)

Relatives: I -Wilson Fisk (Kingpin), Father...Vanessa Fisk, Mother.

Affiliates: Ally to Alfredo Morelli, Hobgoblin, Puma, Kingpin, Ned Leeds.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Kingpin, Alfredo Morelli, Daredevil.

Powers: The Rose has no super-human powers but has use of various firearms of which he is very skilled with...He is also an excellent hand to hand combatant and a great manipulator, planner, organizer and strategist...The Blood Rose has use of Kevlar Armor that deflects Spider-Man's Webbing and more powerful firearms and ammunition.

Origin: After Richard's failed attempt to bring an end to his father's (Kingpin) criminal empire, he and his close friend Alfredo re-grouped and began an attempt to disrupt that same empire once again...This time as the Rose, Richard would eventually fail again and again with many wild turns as others have taken the identity of the Rose and also with a number of twisted events.

1st App.: I - Amazing Spider-Man #253, II - Web Of Spider-Man #84, III - Amazing Spider-Man #414

June 1984

Spider-Man Appearances:  I - Amazing Spider-Man #253, 256-261, 275, 276, 278, 280, 281, 284-289...Spectacular Spider-Man #95...Web Of Spider-Man #24, 29, 30...Spider-Man #73 & 74...Spider-Man: Made Men...(Blood Rose) Web Of Spider-Man #97-100...II - Web Of Spider-Man #84-89...III - Amazing Spider-Man #414, 416, 417, 419-428 & 434-436...Spider-Man: Made Men

Other Appearances: I - Daredevil #234...Secret Wars II #3


The Rose began his career with trying to topple his Father's criminal empire, but it grew into something much more...He even joined his father after shooting a policeman and then things started to get a little wacky!...2 storylines running in Web Of Spider-Man, the first in #84-89 had him plotting against his father while in his company with someone else as the Rose...It turned out to be a little known character named Sgt. Blume and he died at the end of that story.


The next story was in Web Of Spider-Man #97-100 with many guest stars...The Richard from the last story was really his friend Alfredo with plastic surgery!...Richard became the Blood Rose and went on a rampage...Richard has seemingly retired since but that didn't stop the appearance of yet another Rose!...This time the Rose turned out to be Jacob Conover, a supporting character from the pages of the Spider-Man titles...Very difficult history!...You gotta read it to believe it!


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 6 (out of 10)

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