Name: Robert Farrell

ID: Known

Relatives: Emma, Mother.

Affiliates: Member of the Outlaws (Silver Sable, The Prowler, Sandman, Puma, Will O' The Wisp).... Ally of Spider-Man

Enemies: Spider-Man, Big Wheel, Bounty Hunter, Speed Demon, Skinhead..

Powers: Robert has a gifted intelligence level in which he devised the the cybernetically controlled, rocket-powered magnetic skateboard which is his means of transportation and can attain speeds of 60 miles per hour as well as scale walls...The design was "Tinkered" with by none other than the Terrible Tinkerer himself...Robert also also Street-fighting experience but possesses no super-human strength or powers....Has gloves that are equipped with explosives that he uses as weapons.

Origin: After his Mother suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized, Robert Farrell began to turn to crime to pay for the bills...With his considerable talents and scientific genius, he designed a weapon equipped costume and a super charges skateboard to aid in his criminal ways...His Criminal career was short-lived however as he soon joined the side of hero.

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #172

September 1977

Origin Issues: Spectacular Spider-Man #104

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #172, 182, 183, V2 13 & Annual 25...Spectacular Spider-Man #104, 169, 170, Annual 10 & 11...Web Of Spider-Man #50, 56, 57 & Annual 7...Spider-Man Unlimited #14...Tangled Web #5, 13 (Both Cameos) & 16

Other Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents #97... Marvel Tales #242 & 250...Excalibur #36



Early in his career, the Rocket Racer was no match for Spider-Man and was hardly even a match for the Big Wheel just after his second meeting with Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #183...We soon learned more of the Rocket Racer's past and eventually received his origin in a storyline played out in Spectacular Spider-Man #104...His ways were changing though, from criminal to heroic.


Rocket Racer eventually joined forces with Silver Sable, Sandman, Puma, Will O' The Wisp, and The Prowler to form the Outlaws...At times he even joined Spidey himself!...One of his big battles was in Excalibur #36 when The Outlaws went up against the Mutant Team...Recently, a second un-named Rocket Racer had a short "career" in Amazing Spider-Man V2 #13 


2nd Un-Named Rocket Racer from ASM V2 #13

Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)

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