Name: Anthony Davis

ID: Known

Relatives: Leila Davis, Wife.

Affiliates: Ally of the Terrible Tinkerer

Enemies: Spider-Man, Defenders, Scourge, Beetle.

Powers: Anthony possesses no super-human abilities or powers but does contain various weapons that take the form of rings...Explosive rings, freezing rings, constricting rings and various interlocking rings that he uses as ladders, lassos or whips...His battlesuit could form ring weapons from the air.

Origin: The Ringer obtained his weapons from an unidentified source but the long time Spider-Man foe, the Terrible Tinkerer had a big hand in improving them as well as giving Anthony a new battlesuit.


1st App.: Defenders #51

: Captain America #319

September 1977

Spider-Man Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #58...Amazing Spider-Man #414 (Flashback)

Other Appearances: Defenders #51...Sensational She-Hulk #59...Captain America #411-413...(Ringer II): Moonknight V2 #10...Incredible Hulk Annual #17


That's right, only one meeting between these two...Not much of a profile huh?...Anyway, the Ringer has always been an interesting fella up until his death at the hand of the super-villain killing man named Scourge in the pages of Captain America #319...A second Ringer has popped up after the first's death though and no one seems to know just who he is!



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 1 (out of 10)

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