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Name: Unknown

ID: Unknown

Relatives: None Known.

Affiliates: Former member of the Frightful Four and Masters Of Evil...Ally of Sandstorm.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Sandman, Thor, Thunderbolts, Nova.

Powers: Super-Human strength & the ability to convert or part her body into Sand-like substance by mental command...Can bend and extend her body or portions of...She can also create a sandstorm against her enemies.

Origin: As a former scientist, the woman known as Quicksand obtained her powers as a result of a nuclear accident and altered her atomic structure.

1st App.: Thor #392

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June 1988

Origin Issues: None to date.

Spider-Man Appearances: Web of Spiderman #107 & 108

Other Appearances: Thor #392 & 393, 402 & 403...Captain America  #388-391...Thunderstrike #13, 14 & 22...Fantastic Four '98, Thunderbolts #25 & 26 (Cameo), Nova V3 #4

After her first appearance in Thor, she came right back in the very next issue, then about a year later to continue her battle with the Thunder God...It was inevitable...A meeting with The Sandman and Spider-Man along with another new villain: Sandstorm...This story was featured in Web Of Spider-Man #107 & 108...Quicksand has made the rounds in her short career including fighting Captain America & the world of Men as part of the Femizons...Very recent appearances had her in the pages of Thunderbolts #25 and Nova #4 in small roles...The future holds more of the woman known as Quicksand! WEB107.gif (19409 bytes)


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)


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