Name: Thomas Fireheart

ID: Secret

Relatives: Unnamed Uncle (Shamus of the tribe)

Affiliates: Member of the Outlaws along with the Sandman, Prowler, Will-O-The-Wisp & Rocket Racer...Former employee of the Rose...Ally of Spider-Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Avengers, Silver Sable, Nocturne.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Black Cat, Beyonder, Hulk, Avengers, U-Foes, Hobgoblin, Space Phantom, Black Crow, Titania, Raptar, Wolverine

Powers: Possesses Super-Human Strength  able to lift 12 Tons. The latest of American Indians bred to be a perfect human being...Thomas becomes the Puma through intense concentration in which a transformation takes place increasing his strength, speed, agility, stamina, senses & coordination.  His fingernails also transform into claws. His pupils dilate, the whites of his eyes become yellow, and he becomes covered in fur providing a camouflage.

Origin: As an American wealthy Industrialist, Thomas always had another side to him after his Indian tribe began a secret program. Combining mysticism with controlled breeding in an effort to bring about one perfect warrior to act as their protector, the tribe produced their protector as a result of genetic engineering in the form of the Puma. Much training also went into the development of his abilities.



1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #256

September 1984

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #256-258, 272-274, 326, 395...Spectacular Spider-Man #111, 151, 154, 157, 161, 163, 166-172, 191-193, 218 & Annual 7...Web Of Spider-Man #50 & 58-60...Spider-Man Unlimited #15

Other Appearances: Avengers #304...Secret Wars II #8...Marvel Comics Presents #44...Rampaging Hulk V2 #6...Wolverine #167 & 168



The Puma began his career as an assassin for hire, first hired by the Rose to kill Spider-Man, and if it wasn't for help from the Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #256-258, Spider-Man would have been dead! Puma began to respect Spider-Man as time went on with a number of mystical meetings between the two, but his biggest battle would have to be against the very powerful Beyonder amidst the Secret Wars II limited series.  Feeling he owed a debt to Peter, whom he knew was Spider-Man due to his highly keen senses, he purchased the Daily Bugle and began printing positive stories about Spider-Man. He also made Joe Robertson the publisher after acquiring 51% of the stock of the Bugle which he eventually sold to J. Jonah Jameson later for one dollar. 




After a couple of "fight to the deaths" between him and Spider-Man in which neither one died, Puma joined up with a couple of other former villains in forming the Outlaws and they had a pretty short career as a team. He has made many appearances in a short span of time when he was a "hot" character and even made an appearance in the Avengers and a solo story in Marvel Comics Presents #44. Puma has also became more and more brutal and animalistic in his last few appearances, but in the end, Spider-Man helped him regain control of his bestial side, most notably in Amazing Spider-Man #395/ Spectacular Spider-Man #218 alongside Nocturne and also in Spider-Man Unlimited #15.  Most recently, the Puma has participated in the Bloodsport matches in Wolverine #167 & 168 where he made it to the semi-final and lost to Wolverine.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 6 (out of 10)

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