Name: I - Hobie Brown
II - "Red" Last Name Unknown  III - Rick Lawson

ID: Secret

Relatives: I - Mindy McPherson, Wife...Abraham Brown, Brother.

Affiliates: I - Member of the Outlaws (With Rocket Racer, Will O' The Wisp, Puma, Sandman) & former operative for Silver Sable...Ally of Spider-Man, Nightthrasher, Rage.
II - Ally of Belladonna

Enemies: I - Spider-Man, Prowler II, Justin Hammer, Space Phantom, Nightcreeper, Vulture.
II - Spider-Man   III - Spider-Man, Vulture.

Powers: Hobie has no super powers but has an arsenal of weapons that include a pellet filled cartridge attached to a bracelet he wears is one along with steel tipped claws for scaling purposes...He is also  very skilled in hand to hand combat & tae kwon do. Can leap long distances due to his "shock absorbed" boots he wears. He can also glide by use of his cape which contains pneumatic filaments that expand with air giving it a rigid structure. Lastly, Hobie is a skilled inventor.

Origin: Originally a criminal, Hobie Brown began his costumed career after being a window washer & used some of his inventions as weapons. He has invented/ designed all of his weapons.



1st App.: I - Amazing Spider-Man #78
II - Amazing Spider-Man #30 (As Cat Burglar)
Spectacular Spider-Man #47 (Prowler II)
III - Sensational Spider-Man #16

Spider-Man Appearances: I - Amazing Spider-Man #78, 79, 87, 93, 304, 305, 365 (Backup) & Annual #25...Spectacular Spider-Man #47, 48, 169, 170 & Annual 9-13...Web Of Spider-Man #50, Annual 7 & 10...Sensational Spider-Man #16-18 & 26-28...Spider-Man Unlimited #14
II -Spectacular Spider-Man #47 & 48
III -Sensational Spider-Man #16-18

Other Appearances: I - Defenders #62-64...Excalibur 36...Nightthrasher #16...Prowler #1-4



Prowler's History


Prowler #1-4

Spider-Man Fear Rating: 4 (out of 10)



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