Professor Power


Name: Professor Anthony Powers

1st App.: Marvel Team-Up #117

Death: Captain America #338 #338

ID: Known

Team/Family: Father of Matthew & Widow of Maxine.

Powers: Began movement of "Ultra-Patriots" with former operatives from S.H.I.E.L.D., FBI, & CIA...Also created organization known as the Secret Empire...No Super-Human powers, but he wears a battlesuit which increases Power's strength to being able to lift 10 Tons...Also has an electronic beam implanted into the suits forearm area...Power can also fly by means of electronically powered turbines, also part of his suit & can max out at 150 MPH.

Spidey's Foe?: Yes, and also was a foe of the Defenders, New Mutants & Captain America's.

Met: Marvel Team-Up #117...Also...Marvel Team-Up # 118 & 118

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