Name: William Turner

ID: Known...Formerly known as Chuckie the killer doll

Relatives: Unnamed Mother and Father (Both Deceased)

Affiliates: Joyce Phillips, Nurse...Spider-Man, friend.

Enemies: Spider-Man.

Powers: Mindy has the ability of a Psychic Parasite & is able to gain strength from the minds and souls who live within the range of his power. He also can emit "Mind-Blasts" from his eyes that render his victims very weak.

Origin: Born a freak, William Turner gradually realized he was a mutant as he approached manhood. It is believed that his powers were due to the fact that there was an experimental compound near the hospital in which he was born. He alienated himself from humanity and became very lonely after accidentally killing his parents by draining their strength.




1st Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #138

November 1974

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #138 & 142 (Illusion)...Spectacular Spider-Man #35...Tangled Web #6 (Cameo) & 7


One of the stranger villains in Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery, Mindworm first met Spider-Man when Peter Parker was staying at Flash Thompson's apartment in an area where hordes of people were mysteriously flocking to an unspecified location. The location turned out to be Mindworm's home where he sought to control and feed off as many people as possible. When Spider-Man tried to stop him, he commanded the crowd to kill him but Mindworm was eventually defeated when Spider-Man "deafened" his powers by hitting him in his ears. After some time in the hospital regaining his strength, Mindworm sought revenge on Spider-Man in the form of a dream where Spider-Man and Mindworm's nurse fought through his Neuroses in the form of a labyrinth. Again, Mindworm was defeated, but in the end the two real nemesis became friends and Mindworm also learned that "With great power, comes great responsibility!" 


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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