Name: Norton G. Fester

ID: Secret...Also known as the Meteor Man

Relatives: None Known.

Affiliates: Mostly a loner other than his affiliation with various "lesser" villains when he and them fought the Defenders.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Defenders, Giant-Man II

Powers: Fester's greatest power is the Super-Strength he gained from the Meteor he was experimenting on...He also has used transportation by means of a balloon in the past.

Origin: Norman believed he could prove meteors  have microscopic life, and wanting to so badly, he began experimenting on one until it struck him with gas emanating from it...This strange accident gave him his unusual super strength & then turning himself into a criminal.


1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #36 

May 1966

Origin:  Amazing Spider-Man #36 & Spectacular Spider-Man #41

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #36 & Annual 26...Marvel Team-Up #33 & 34...Spectacular Spider-Man #41...Web Of Spider-Man #39...Sensational Spider-Man #8 & 27...Web Of Scarlet Spider #2...Amazing Scarlet Spider #1...Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1

Other Appearances: Defenders  #63 & 64


It was a while for Norman's second appearance against Spider-Man, but he came back with a vengeance in Spidey's "second" title: Marvel Team-Up...Up against Spidey & two Defenders in Nighthawk then Valkyrie in the next issue, The Looter changed his name to the Meteor Man...Didn't exactly make him victorious though!


Meteor Man Gets Big!...Up against Spidey and Giant-Man in Spectacular Spider-Man #41...The Looter also has made some appearances in the middle of the Clone Saga in the Scarlet Spider titles sans his costume...More recently, he made an appearance in Sensational Spider-Man #27 and his whereabouts are currently unknown, but who's looking for him anyway!?


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    3 (out of 10)

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