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Name: Dr. Edward Lansky

ID: Known

Relatives: None Known

Affiliates: Former partner of Kraven, Tarantula, & the Enforcers.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Quasar, Dazzler, Cloak & Dagger.

Powers: Lightmaster's powers all come from his powered suit he wears for the ability to manipulate photons...Can create solid-mass objects from these photons & can generate beams of light which he can direct at will as a concussive destructive force...Can also travel through the air up to 140 M.P.H..

Origin: As a high ranking official of Empire State University, Edward Lansky created a criminal plot against New York City from cutting the education budgets...The plan backfired as Spider-Man ran a current of electricity through Lansky's body suit transforming him into a being of unstable energy!

1st App.: Spectacular Spider-Man #3

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February 1977

Origin Issues: Spectacular Spider-Man #3

Spider-Man Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #3...Also...Spectacular Spider-Man #19 & 20...Amazing Spider-Man #203...Marvel Team-Up #113

Other Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12...Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26...Web Of Spider-Man #8 (All Backups which feature Cloak & Dagger)

Who was behind the next coming of the Enforcers in Spectacular Spider-Man #19?...Not until the end of that story do we learn that it is the man who made his debut 16 issues earlier!...Lightmaster was the very man behind the Enforcers but he went up against Spidey alone the very next issue. ASM203.gif (18775 bytes)


mtu113.gif (18820 bytes) Spider-Man and The Dazzler battle Lightmaster in Amazing #203 and it wasn't the last time Spidey teamed-up with someone to help combat Mr. Lansky...Quasar helps out Spidey in an issue of Marvel Team-Up...Lightmaster hasn't seen much "Page-Time" lately as his last appearance was in a 3 parter against Cloak and Dagger and seen in his new costume.



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 4 (out of 10)


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