Name: I - Frank Oliver
II -Brian Hibbs
III - Unknown

ID: Known (I), Known (II)

Relatives: Unknown (I & II)

Affiliates: I - Patient of Jonas Harrow
II - Member of the Legion of Losers

Enemies: Spider-Man (I & II)

Powers: Always a great fan & researcher of the Mammal, Frank Oliver gained enhanced powers similar to just that...Courtesy of Dr. Jonas Harrow...He has great Jumping & Punching/Boxing abilities with the aid of power boots that he wears...He died from radiation poisoning.

Origin: The original Kangaroo's powers were derived from a genetic mutation but was further enhanced from Dr. Jonas Harrow's implants that are connected to his central nervous system...The second Kangaroo is more of a mystery and is still a relative newcomer.

1st App.: I -Amazing Spider-Man #81
II - Spectacular Spider-Man #242
III - Tangled Web #16

February 1970

Death: I - Amazing Spider-Man #126

Spider-Man Appearances: I - Amazing Spider-Man #81 & 126
II - Spectacular Spider-Man #242, 244 & 246
III - Tangled Web #16

Other Appearances: II - Nova V3 #7 (Cameo)...Wolverine #164 (Cameo)

Frank Oliver was the first Kangaroo but only had two overall appearances in Amazing Spider-Man #81 & 126...#126 showed the Kangaroo off with his "powered-up" powers courtesy of Dr. Jonas Harrow, the man also responsible for Hammerhead's hard head!...Unfortunately, the powers, not to mention Radiation poisoning, got the best of Frank and it killed him.

A second Kangaroo jumped onto the scenes in Spectacular Spider-Man #242 with a very brief humorous appearance that turned out to be a very light workout for Spider-Man...He showed up again as a member of the Legion Of Losers along with teammates Grizzly, Gibbon, & The Spot...These are definitely villains that cause only minor headaches for Spidey, but non the less are extremely entertaining! 




Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)

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