Name: Joe Smith

ID: Known

Relatives: Betty Schnieder, Wife...Liz, Ex-wife...Joey, Son (Deceased)

Affiliates: Ally Spider-Man & Daredevil Tommy, Manager.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Captain America, Mysterio, Jack O' Lantern II (Mad Jack)

Powers: As his "beserker" counter-part, Joe has super-human strength that rivals that of Spider-Man's...He can withstand alot of punishment while going off in these fighting frenzies and is impervious to many harmful conditions...The powers are only present in this "beserker" rage and is only a normal human when not.

Origin: While on the set in his first acting job, Joe was accidentally exposed to a flood of spilled chemicals that reacted with live wires...The electric shock that Joe received from this went through him resulting in a "new" Joe.


1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #38 

July 1966

Origin:  Amazing Spider-Man #38

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #38, Annual 7 (Reprints Amazing Spider-Man #38) & 28 (Backup Story)...Webspinners #1-3...Mysterio Manifesto #1-3...Spider-Man Unlimited #4 (Not Joe Smith but rather a story entitled "Just A Joe Named Guy")

Other Appearances:
Captain America #246


Joe Smith was always a failure at what he was doing...As a boxer and a wrestler, Joe turned out to be just a punching bag...Then Joe decided to become an actor and received his powers on the set of his first shoot...He went on to have a mildly successful career in acting...His "beserker" persona would come out from hibernation a couple of times in the future including Captain America #246 with the very untimely death of his son Joey...He also appeared without his powers in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 28 and then more recently in Webspinners #1-3. Most recently, Joe took part in the limited series Mysterio Manifesto where he actually had his powers back for a short period of time helping out Spider-Man and Daredevil.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    2 (out of 10)

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