Name: I - Jason Macedale Jr.
II - Maguire Beck (Mad Jack)

ID: Secret...Became Second Hobgoblin until his death at the hands of the original Hobgoblin.

Relatives: None Known.

Affiliates: Norman Osborn, Conundrum, Various Maggia members.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Silver Sable, Hobgoblin I.

Powers: Has military training in hand to hand combat & Martial Arts...Has grenades in many forms: Anaesthetic, lachrymatory, regurgitant gas, smoke, & concussion...Has Wrist-Blasters on each wrist...Has use of Hovercraft that "Jack" uses for transportation.

Origin: Originally recruited by the CIA, Jason soon began his life of crime after being discharged from the CIA...He used the costumed identity to help aid his criminal ways by employing his scientific skills and vast combat training.




1st App.: Machine Man #19

February 1981

Death:  Hobgoblin Lives #1

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #254, 279, 281, 284, 286 & 288...Spectacular Spider-Man #56, 241, 243, 247, 248, 257 & 258...Spider-Man Unlimited #11 & 12...Hobgoblin Lives #1...Alpha Flight #121...Mysterio Manifesto #1-3...What-If? V2 #64

Other Appearances: Machine Man V1 #19...Captain America #396...Sensational She-Hulk #59...Supernaturals #1-4...The Hood #2 & 3



After Jack O' Lantern's debut in the pages of Machine Man #19, Spider-Man was next in line as he first faces off against the flaming pumpkin-head in Spectacular Spider-Man #56...After making his 1st appearance in Machine Man. "Jack" basically made a "home" in the Spider-Man family of titles even going up against Silver Sable when Spidey was missing.


Jack was an integral part of the "Gang War" in which he changes identities by becoming the new Hobgoblin II after thinking that the first one was dead...After Jack's death at the hands of the original Hobgoblin, another Jack O' Lantern debuted...Who is this new Jack?...Is it Macendale or someone we already know or someone new...We found out in the limited series Mysterio Manifesto that Mad Jack was none other than Maguire Beck, the original Mysterio's female cousin, but is this the end of Jack O' Lantern? Don't  count on it!

Spider-Man Fear Rating:
4 (out of 10)

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