Name: Unknown

ID: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Employee of Norman Osborn, Ally of the Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox) & Lucky Lobo

Enemies: Spider-Man, Green Goblin.

Powers: The Headsman has super strength, but his most feared weapon in his arsenal is his super powered battle axe, that emits some sort of electrical energy from it. It was originally powered by a power pack he wore on his back. He also travels by use of some sort of anti-gravitation flying disk.

Origin: The Headsman was an ordinary man until he came into contact with Norman Osborn, who funded his source of powers and designed them and his costume. Many of the circumstances surrounding their relationship have yet to be told.




1st App.: Untold Tales Os Spider-Man #8

April 1996

Spider-Man Appearances: Untold Tales Os Spider-Man #8 & 18




The Headsman began working for Norman Osborn. While helping the Enforcers in defeating Spider-Man, he used his huge battle axe to tear into Spider-Man's costume, almost revealing his identity. Thinking that Spider-Man ran away because he was scared, the Headsman thought victory was his. Later, on his way to meet Osborn (who has been funding the Headsman), the Headsman and the Enforcers meet up with Spider-Man again. This time things turn out much different, as Spider-Man tears into the power pack that the Headsman wore. With the Headsman's source of energy shorted-out, victory was Spider-Man's.  As Spider-Man learns in their next meeting however, the Headsman no longer depended on a power pack, and he was stronger and more dangerous than ever. While battling, Spider-Man manages to shoot him out of a window, far away,  with a web sling-shot. While outside, the Headsman meets the Green Goblin, who is very disappointed with his employee's performance, and almost kills him with help pf a fail-safe Norman put in the Headsman costume when he designed it. The Headsman has to be seen again.


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 4 (out of 10)

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