Name: Maxwell Markham

ID: Known

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Former agent of the Jackal, Member of Legion of Losers along with the Gibbon, Kangaroo II, and the Spot.

Enemies: Spider-Man, White Rabbit

Powers: The Grizzly has use of an exo-skeleton that enhances his already great strength...He also is an excellent fighter & has use of very sharp claws attached to his Grizzly costume he uses as weapons.

Origin: An ex professional Wrestler, Maxwell lost his wrestling license due to J. Jonah Jameson's declaration that he was a menace...Thereafter, he went into a life of crime with help from the Jackal who created his exo-skeleton.

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #139

December 1974

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #139 & 140...Web Of Spider-Man #58...Spectacular Spider-Man #244-246, 252, 253 & 256

The Grizzly was a tough match-up for Spider-Man when he they first met in Amazing Spider-Man #139 & 140 after being given his exo-skeleton from the Jackal, The Grizzly took a very long vacation as he kind of just wandered around as an ex-wrestler...Web Of Spider-Man #58 re-introduced The Grizzly and Spider-Man again but Spidey let the Grizzly win the fight in the end.


It was quite another long period of time before Spider-Man met up with the Grizzly again but Mr. Markham was not to be alone... Along with the second Kangaroo, The Gibbon, and The Spot, The Grizzly found others that have also had a very hard time at super-villainy in the past...They bonded and called themselves the "Legion Of Losers", only to fall again at the hands of Spider-Man



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)

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