Name: Vladimir Kravinoff

ID: Known

Relatives: Sergei Kravinoff, Father (Deceased)...Alyosha, Brother.

Affiliates: Gregor, Advisor.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Kaine, Scarlet Spider

Powers: Similar to that of his Father, Kraven in that he has great strength speed, agility, and stamina...Also an expert wielder of knives and spears.

Origin: While in Russia, and wanting to avenge the death of his Father, Kraven the Hunter, Vladimir set out to claim the full legacy in the United States and kill Spider-Man...He gained his powers with help from his advisor, Gregor and a serum obtained from his Father's journal regarding modifications to it that enables him to gain his powers.



1st App.: Spider-Man #47 

June 1994

Death: Spider-Man #55 

Origin:  Spider-Man #47-50, 53-55...Web Of Spider-Man #120 & 121

Spider-Man Appearances: Spider-Man #47-50, 53-55...Web Of Spider-Man #120 & 121



Vladimir started off slowly in the pages of Spider-Man and made his moves wisely...He realized it was time to become the heir apparent to his Father's legacy after obtaining a journal pertaining to his Father's powers...He then came to America and sought out Spider-Man, but he found much more than Spider-Man!



At around the time of the Clone Saga, The Grim Hunter was introduced in a turbulent period in the history of Spider-Man and quickly chewed off more than he could chew...He eventually met up with Kaine, a clone of Spider-Man that went awry, and Kaine was too much for Vladimir...It was a relatively quick death after his introduction and has not been revived since.

Spider-Man Fear Rating:
4 (out of 10)

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