Name: Bart Hamilton

ID: Secret

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: None

Enemies: Spider-Man, Silvermane, Green Goblin II.

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Large arsenal of weaponry, including "Pumpkin-Bombs", Gas-Bombs, "Electro-Gloves", & Goblin Glider.

Origin: After learning much from his patient, Harry Osborn from hypnosis, Dr. Bart Hamilton used these newly found powers to become the third Green Goblin...He soon invaded  and battled the underground world of the Maggia and even the second Green Goblin himself...He eventually killed by his own bomb which he was planning on using against Harry and Spider-Man.



1st App.: As Green Goblin -  Amazing Spider-Man #176
Bart Hamilton - Amazing Spider-Man #167

January 1978

Origin & Death Issue:
Amazing Spider-Man #180

Spider-Man Appearances: Green Goblin - Amazing Spider-Man #176-180. Bart Hamilton - Amazing Spider-Man #167, 169, 174 & 175



The third Green Goblin was yet another mystery...In a storyline that ran a good year or so, Harry Osborn (Green Goblin II) began going to a psychiatrist, Bart Hamilton, introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #167...Harry revealed everything to Hamilton including the secrets of the Green Goblins...Bart soon became enamored with the thougt of such great power and tied up Harry to become the third Green Goblin...Harry soon got loose and the 2 goblins & Spidey met at the old Brooklyn Incinerating plant where Spider-Man disposed of his clone in a smokestack...After a long battle, Bart died in an explosion never to be seen since.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:
1 (out of 10)

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