Name: Harold Osborn

ID: Secret

Relatives: Norman, Father...Emily, Mother (Deceased)...Liz Allen Osborn, Wife...Normy Osborn, Child.

Affiliates: Ally of Spider-Man, Molten Man...Employer of The Rhino.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin III, Tombstone, Vermin.

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Large arsenal of weaponry, including "Pumpkin-Bombs", Gas-Bombs, "Electro-Gloves", & his trusty Goblin Glider which caused Norman's "Death" (Harry's Father) back in Amazing #122.

Origin: Being the son of the Original Green Goblin was never easy as Harry Osborn learned...His mental stability was at stake due to the influence of drugs...Harry held Spider-Man responsible for his Father's initial death and assumed the identity of the second Green Goblin...He was eventually placed under the care of psychiatrist, Dr. Bart Hamilton, who became the 3rd Green Goblin!



1st App.: (Green Goblin) Amazing Spider-Man #136
(Harry Osborn) Amazing Spider-Man #31

Death: Spectacular Spider-Man #200

Origin Issues: Amazing Spider-Man #126 & 135

Spider-Man Appearances:
Amazing Spider-Man #136, 137, 179, 180, 312 & 389...Spectacular Spider-Man #147, 180-184, 189,
190, 199, 200 (Death) & Annual 14 (Flashback)...Web Of Spider-Man #66 & 67...Spider-Man #1/2 (In Dream)...Spider-Man: Legacy Of Evil #1 (Flashback)

Green Goblin II 's History



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 7 (out of 10)

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