Name: Gog

ID: Known

Relatives: Kraven the Hunter, Adoptive Father

Affiliates: Former agent of Kraven the Hunter and The Plunderer (Ka-Zar's brother)...Former Member of the Sinister Six.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Ka-Zar.

Powers: Gog is a super-strong, suprisingly quick alien half-ape, half-reptilian intelligent being named after a biblical giant who also uses his huge powerful tail as a weapon...Gog also has the ability to teleport with the help of his alien wrist-bands. 

Origin: Gog was found as an infant in an alien spacecraft in the Savage Land jungle (home of Ka-Zar) by Spider-Man foe Kraven the Hunter...Kraven watched over the alien as he grew rapidly and has served Kraven for looking after him.

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #103

December 1971

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #103 & 104...Spider-Man #22 & 23

Other Appearances: Astonishing Tales #17-19

After Gog was left in quicksand at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #104, he was soon rescued by Lord Plunderer, Ka-Zar's brother and then was mentally controlled by him until Gog decided to make use of his alien wrist bands and use them for teleportation...He first teleported to New York City and damaged the Statue of Liberty then went up the World Trade Center before deciding to cut out for good!

Where did Gog go when he last teleported from New York City?...Well, if you read Spider-Man 22 & 23 it is understood that when the Sinister Six forayed into another dimension looking for weaponry, they found just that plus a little (or large!) surprise in finding Gog!...He soon joined sides with the Six until he was blasted in battle at which point Mister Fantastic intended to send him back to the dimension he came from.



Spider-Man Fear Rating: 2 (out of 10)

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