/Mendel Stromm

Name: Mendel Stromm, AKA the Robot Master

ID: Secret

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Ex business partner of Norman Osborn...Employer of Seward Trainer...Ally of Scrier & Arcade...Max Young, fellow inmate in prison.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Norman Osborn, Molten Man, Green Goblin IV, Judas Traveller.

Powers: Master Robotics creator...As Gaunt, he has possession of advanced weaponry such as particle grenades& a computer guided Armcannon...Also has super strength while in robotic form as well as the ability to emit deadly gasses.

Origin: Stromm was close to death after initially having a heart attack, but with the aid of Norman Osborn, and having tested a super strength formula similar to the Goblin Formula on himself, he was found still alive years after...He was then outfitted with a special life-support suit of armor that kept him mobile...He soon assumed a robotic form with the help of Seward Trainer who was a close friend of Ben Reilly. 



1st App.: Mendel Stromm - Amazing Spider-Man #37...Gaunt - Amazing Spider-Man #411

June 1966

Origin: Osborn Journal #1

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #37, 411, 412 & 416-418...Spectacular Spider-Man #68, 234 & 240...Spider-Man #69, V2 #27 & 28...Sensational Spider-Man #5 & 11...Spider-Man Unlimited #17...Osborn Journal #1...Green Goblin #10

Mendel Stromm was known early in his career as the Robot Master and for good reason...He was the business partner of Norman Osborn but was taken to prison for embezzlement...His super strength formula and notes concerning them laid the basis for the creation of the Green Goblin...He sought vengeance on his ex partner but seemingly died of a heart attack at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #37...Years later it in Spectacular Spider-Man #68, it  was thought that he was back, but was later revealed to be a robot with his brain waves implanted in it.


A mysterious figure popped up near the end of the clone saga known as Gaunt working for the Mastermind behind the whole thing...We learn in Sensational Spider-Man #11 that he was Mendel Stromm...It seems that he took the same super strength formula he created way back when and it kept him alive...barely. With the aid of Norman Osborn, he became Gaunt and with the further aid of Seward Trainer, he took on a robotic form and became very deadly, but he failed at killing Spider-Man and Ben Reilly and was seemingly killed again and left for dead by Norman Osborn who was revealed to be the Mastermind of the clone saga...In Spider-Man Unlimited #17 he was discovered with memory loss caused by brain damage from Norman's blasts...The mention of Osborn by Spider-Man "triggered" back his memory and then tried to kill Spider-Man...After his defeat, he was taken to Ravencroft Hospital and hasn't been seen since.


Mendel Stromm returned in an unexpected way in Spider-Man V2 #27 & 28. A machine/ computer has taken control of Stromm's physical form after he fell asleep while trying to perfect a way to control his robots. Nothing but his head remained in recognizable form and was in great pain. He asked Spider-Man to kill him and eventually Spider-Man set off to infect the machine with a virus thereby killing Stromm but instead uploaded a loop program putting Stromm in Standby mode. Stromm is now in an eternal sleep awaiting his next appearance in whatever form that may be.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:
 4 (out of 10)

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