Name: First Name Unknown, Last Name Markley

ID: Unknown

Relatives: Jeremy Markley, Son (Deceased)

Affiliates: False ally of Doctor Octopus

Enemies: Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus

Powers: Originally thought to be an amalgam of every hero and criminal in the city and able to duplicate their powers, but was discovered that his only true power is the power of suggestion. A "Poor man's Mysterio" in the words of Spider-Man.

Origin: Markley found out as a child that he was gifted with the innate ability to persuade others and honed his powers using his money and influence to develop systems to enhance his powers.





1st App.: Spider-Man V2 #30

June 2001

Origin:  Spider-Man V2 #32

Spider-Man Appearances: Spider-Man V2 #30-32, 39 & 40-42



At first, Fusion seemed an almost unbeatable villain being able to replicate the powers of any other hero or villain. Examples of such powers are Doctor Octopus' Tentacles, Hulk's fists, Thor's Hammer, Wolverine's claws, Captain America's shield, Mister Fantastic's elasticity, and much more. Home alone amongst his vast super-powered character artifacts, a deep hatred inside of him burns hotter by the minute. He once had a son who tried to emulate his idol Spider-Man, and in doing so fell to his death trying to swing from atop a meat storage facility using a piece of string. Markley blamed Spider-Man for his death and sought revenge. He wound up giving Spider-Man a great beating and seemingly broke his neck, but it was all for naught as Spider-Man finally realized that Fusion had no such replicating powers but only the power of suggestion. Fusion's power had no effect on Spider-Man after this realization, but Fusion got away in the end anyway. Fusion later tried to trick Doctor Octopus into being his lackey, but it wasn't to be, as Ock was too intelligent for him. He paid him back with a near-death beating.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    6 (out of 10)

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