Name: Hubert Fusser & Pinky Fusser

ID: Known, The Twin Terror!

Relatives: Hubert and Pinky are brothers.

Affiliates: Hubert and Pinky are twins.

Enemies: Spider-Man

Powers: The twins, as Fusion, are able to emit great levels of radiation and achieve near super-human strength by absorbing the energy of whatever they came in contact with.

Origin: After gently touching a switch on a sub-atomic particle accelerator, Hubert activated a burst of energy that erupted towards him so quickly that he doesn't even have enough time to scream. His twin brother, Pinky, came to his aid and when they touched, their flesh somehow merges, becoming one individual: Fusion!



1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #208 

September 1980

Origin:  Amazing Spider-Man #208

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #208



Not much to say here as the twin terrors only appeared in one issue, Amazing Spider-Man #208. Hubert, a Research Director and Scientist, and Pinky, a Janitor are twins at the same experimental physics laboratory where Hubert is working on a sub-atomic particle accelerator capable of creating new elements. After gently touching a switch, Hubert activates a burst of energy erupts at him so quickly that he doesn't even have enough time to scream. His twin brother comes to his aid and when they touch, their flesh somehow merges, becoming one and glowing radiantly. The two begin to quarrel with each other and temporarily broke apart until they again touched absorbing the energy of anything they came in contact with. Spider-Man finally defeated them as Pinky wanted no part of his brother's desire for more power and split apart of the merged Fusion with some help from Spider-Man. They were left unconscious and haven't been seen in any comic since. Note: This was the first villain with the name of Fusion and should not be confused with the villain introduced years later in Spider-Man V2 #30 with the same name. There are no apparent connections between the two either.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    1 (out of 10)

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