Name: Fancy Dan - Daniel Brito, Montana - Jackson W. Brice, Ox - Raymond Bloch, Ox II - Ronald Bloch, Hammer Harrison - Willard Harrison, Snake Marston - Sylvester Marston (deceased)
Enforcers II (Eel, Blitz, Dragon Man, Dreadnought, Vanisher, Super Adaptoid, Tangle)

ID: All Known

Relatives: All Unknown 

Affiliates: Former employee of Big Man, Green Goblin, the Headsman, Lightmaster, Kingpin, Arranger, Sandman, Techmaster. Ally of the Eel.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Human Torch, Sons of the Tiger, Sandman, Dazzler, Daredevil, the Eel.

Powers: Fancy Dan - Great judo & karate skills
Montana -
Great lariat expert
Snake Marston -
Expert Contortionist
Hammer Harrison - Great boxer & Combatant
Ox - Excellent strength, although not Super-Human

The Enforcers came together to combine their forces and become a very powerful band of criminals that has been very much in demand by many criminal leaders over the years. None of it's members have super human powers and are are self trained.



1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Team)
Amazing Spider-Man
#10 (Fancy Dan & Montana)
Daredevil #6 (Ox solo)
Marvel Team-Up #138 (Hammer Harrison & Snake Marston)

March 1964

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #10, 14, 19 & V2 #28...Spectacular Spider-Man #19 & 20...Marvel Team-Up #39, 40 & 138...Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #8...Inner Demons...What-If? V2 #19

Ox Only: Spider-Man #94 & 95

Other Appearances
  Dazzler #7 & 8...Daredevil #356 & 357...Ox (only) Daredevil #6, 15 & 86

Enforcers II Appearances:  Web Of Spider-Man #99 & 100



The Enforcers began their long career as a trio working for the Big Man. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Ox, Fancy Dan & Montana went from employer to employer all ending in defeat at the hands of Spider-Man. Working with such villains as the Green Goblin, Lightmaster, Techmaster, Sandman, and most recently the Kingpin in Amazing Spider-Man V2 #28. The Enforcers have been a dependable group of criminals that Spider-Man has encountered only time to time. The Enforcers have faced off against  such heroes as Daredevil,  the Dazzler, and even their one time ally, the Sandman.





The makeup of the team has changed over the years as the original Ox has only appeared in their first four chronological meetings. Ox II made his debut in Spectacular Spider-Man #19 and has been with the Enforcers since. Two new members were introduced in Marvel Team-Up #138 in Hammer Harrison & Snake Marston and they haven't been seen since Daredevil #357 where it was presumed that Snake was dead while the Eel was impersonating him. There has also been an Enforcers II but in name only as they have no direct connection to the originals. The mainstay trio of Ox, Fancy Dan & Montana are still going strong as the members of the Enforcers.



Snake Marston & Hammer Harrison


Spider-Man Fear Rating: 4 (out of 10)

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