Name: Inapplicable, Demon whose host was Philip Jason Macendale (Hobgoblin II)

ID's: Inapplicable

Relatives: Unknown/ Inapplicable.

Affiliates: Ally of Carnage, Doppleganger, Shriek, Carrion II.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Hobgoblin, Johnny Blaze, Venom, Moonknight.

Powers:  Demogoblin has basically all the powers that the Hobgoblin has including super strength & speed...He also has use of various smoke, gas and explosive pumpkin bombs but can create them mentally out of thin air...Demo also gets around by use of his Fire and Brimstone composed glider.

Origin: Phillip Macendale, Hobgoblin II wanted more power and wanted it so badly that he offered his soul in exchange for such power. His trading partner was the Demon N'Astirh, who was a major player during the Inferno crisis...Macendale then shared his body with a demon that possessed him ever since...For a long time they battled for control over the body but the demon eventually became it's own entity and took on it's own form: Demogoblin!



1st App.: Demonic Hobgoblin: Spectacular Spider-Man #147
Demogoblin : Web Of Spider-Man #86

Death: Spider-Man #48

February 1989

Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #147, Web Of Spider-Man #86

Spider-Man Appearances: (Demonic Hobgoblin) Spectacular Spider-Man #147& 161-163...Web Of Spider-Man #48, 84 & 85...Spider-Man #6 & 7...Amazing Spider-Man #335 & 337-339...Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #11...Ghost Rider V2 #16 & 17...Moonknight #32 & 33 (Demogoblin) Web Of Spider-Man #86, 87, 93-96, 102 & 103...Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203...Amazing Spider-Man #378-380...Spider-Man #24, 35-37 & 46-48...Spirits Of Vengeance #5 & 6

Other Appearances: (Demogoblin) Marc Spector Moonknight #45 & 46...Ghost Rider V2 #40...Venom: The Enemy Within #1-3


Macendale wanted the strength and speed of the original Green Goblin but realized that in trading his soul for the power, he was made into a monster...For a long time, there was much conflict between Phillip Macendale and the demon that possessed him...So much that he couldn't stand the pain that occurred within...He went on to fight many a foe including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and Moonknight as the "Demonic" Hobgoblin and created a couple of allies along the way including Carrion II, The Rose, and was even part of the new Sinister Six, but there was a battle brewing inside of Macendale over his body and the demon was not happy!




The Demon had enough...In Web Of Spider-Man #86, the demon that was battling for domination over Macendale's human form tore itself apart from Macendale's body and a new entity was formed named Demogoblin...This Goblin showcased a religious fervor and would punish all those that he deemed sinners, which were many...He was all over the place taking part in the huge Maximum Carnage  multi-part storyline and fought many in his brief career including Spidey, Ghost Rider, Blaze, Moonknight and others but his biggest enemy was the Macendale Hobgoblin who abruptly put an end to whatever life Demogoblin had by battling him to the death in a church...It was a pillar that gave way and caused a major crash that killed Demogoblin while he was saving the life of a child who he deemed "pure of heart".


Spider-Man Fear Rating:
 6 (out of 10)

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