Name: I - Unrevealed
II - Pierre Fresson

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #143

Death: I - Captain America #319

ID: Secret

Team/Family: Member of the Maggia

Powers: Cyclone has concealed mechanical capabilities to accelerate air to great velocity within 100 feet of himself...Sort of a "Quasi-Tornado"...Similar to the Villain, Whirlwind, who has menaced Ironman & the Avengers over the years.

Spidey's Foe?: Not anymore, he's dead courtesy of the criminal assassin named Scourge.

Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #143, 144...Spectacular Spider-Man #22 (Cameo) & 23...(II)...Captain America #319...Silver Sable #21 (Cameo) & 22...Thunderbolts 3, 18-20, 23-25, 31, 33 & 43

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