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Name: Crown

ID: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Affiliates: Allies of Hydra, Dr. Andrea Janson, Fortunato.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Hammerhead, S.H.O.C., Morbius.

Powers: As well as the usual super strength, speed and powerful energy blasts, Crown has the ability to alter his body into any shape and size he wishes. He can also teleport in an enormous black blast.

Origin: Crown has bonded with the technology of the late Dr. Michael Fields, which gives him his powers. Other than that, very little, if anything else is known.



1st App.: Spider-Man #76

January 1997

Spider-Man Appearances
Spider-Man #76, 79 & 80

Other Appearances




 Crown received his powers from a unique form of energy/matter armor invented by Dr Michael Fields, an idealistic scientist. He later killed Fields and earned the eternal hatred of Fields' son, who bonded with the technology and became S.H.O.C.. Crown allied with Hydra as they wanted to use the technology to take over the world. But Crown wasn't interested in taking over the world, or Hydra. He and his girlfriend were against them and just wanted to get Crown out of the suit because whoever bonds with it kicks the bucket after a few years. He was seemingly killed by Morbius but was later revived, as the vampire Hunger in Spider-Man V2 #4. Not much else has been revealed, but hopefully Hunger will return and be developed as greatly as Crown was.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    3 (out of 10)

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