I - Nick "Lucky" Lewis
II - Nick Lewis JR.


Crime-Master I is father of Crime-Master II


I - Ally of Green Goblin and various underworld shady characters...Leader of the Super Squad
II - Ally of Big Man II, Enforcers (Montana & Fancy Dan), Sandman


I - Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Frederick Foswell
II - Spider-Man, Human Torch, Sons of the Tiger, Big Man II


Neither Crime-Master had any super-human powers...Crime-Master I was a very powerful Underworld leader and an excellent hand to hand combatant as well as being an expert marksman...He also had use of a gas gun that emitted choke and nerve gas at it's victims...Crime-Master II didn't exactly show the promise of his father as far as skills went but was also an excellent marksman and hand to hand combatant.


Nick "Lucky" Lewis made his way up the ranks to becoming the "Kingpin" of the Underworld by a display of power and acts of terror shown to other groups of organized crime quickly being known simply as the Crime-Master...His son, seeking revenge for his death that he blamed on Spider-Man, assumed the identity years later.



1st App.: I - Amazing Spider-Man #26
II - Marvel Team-Up #39

July 1965

I -  Amazing Spider-Man #27


Spider-Man Appearances

Crimemaster I

Amazing Spider-Man #26
Spider-Man #27
Untold Tales Of Spider-Man
Untold Tales Of Spider-Man  #25

Crimemaster II

Marvel Team-Up
Marvel Team-Up #40



Wanting to become the "Kingpin" of the Underworld, Nick "Lucky" Lewis soon show-cased his "muscle" to other organized crime leaders...Now known as the Crime-Master, Lewis even created an alliance with the Green Goblin. The two even shared knowledge of each other's identities but it was later revealed that Norman Osborn wore a J. Jonah Jameson mask when he took off the Goblin mask for Crime-Master...It was never depicted that Lewis knew the Goblin as Osborn even as he lay dying from a police shoot-out where he was just seconds away from revealing the Goblin's identity before he took his last breath...Spider-Man first heard of the Crime-Master as he went up against the Super Squad, a group of controlled people through use of a Cerebra-Chip created by a Dr. Carson who was kidnapped along with his daughter by Crime-Master and used by him to create the Super Squad.



Years later, a new mysterious figure taking up the identity of the long-dead Crime-Master came on the scene...He allied himself with the new Big-Man, Sandman and the Enforcers (Montana & Fancy Dan)...They had a huge battle with Spider-Man, the Human Torch, and the Sons of the Tiger...In a sad ending, the new Crime-Master shot and killed the new Big-Man, but unknowing to the new Crime-Master, he shot and killed the woman he loved...The two turned out to be children of the originals: Nick Lewis JR. & Janice Foswell...The son of the original Crime-Master and the daughter of the original Big Man!


Spider-Man Feared Rating

3 (out of 10)


Most Recent Appearance:

Crimemaster I

Amazing Spider-Man
#26 (Dead)

Crimemaster II

Amazing Spider-Man
#40 (Whereabouts Unknown)


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