Name: Unknown

ID: Not Applicable

Relatives: None Known.

Affiliates: Ally of Jack O' Lantern (Mad Jack).

Enemies: Spider-Man/ Prodigy

Powers: Conundrum 's powers are somewhat mysterious as is many things about him...He has the ability to emit nerve gas at will and is a master of illusion...Also is a student of eastern Mysticism...His face is also much of a mystery and presents itself as a continuous puzzle similar to that of a Rubik's Cube with different expressions displayed at different times.

Origin: The origin of Conundrum has yet to be told as his being , powers, and past is all a mystery as well as it should be as Conundrum is a Living Mystery or better yet, a Human Enigma...He has connections to the Kingdom of Sufind as he kidnapped the Ambassador's daughter Tabriaz at one point.



1st App.: Spectacular Spider-Man #257 

May 1998

Origin:  Spectacular Spider-Man #257 

Spider-Man Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #257 & 258



Conundrum's biggest desire was to obtain the Fabled Hand of Mumthazi which is an ancient artifact said to possess the key to heaven...After a major brawl between Prodigy (Spider-Man during Identity Crisis), Mad Jack and Conundrum, The Human Enigma was captured but later got away from the guards and his whereabouts are currently unknown.


Spider-Man Fear Rating:    2 (out of 10)

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