Name: Dr. Elias Wirtham

ID: Secret

Relatives: Joshua Wirtham, Brother

Affiliates: Allies of Spider-Man, Nightwatch, Black Cat.

Enemies: Spider-Man, Styx & Stone, Rhino, Scorpion, Code: Blue, Chance, Cardiaxe, Warbringer, Black Cat, El Toro Negro, First Strikers, Johnny Blaze, Vengeance, Wolverine...He has a number of characters who could be classified as both Allies and enemies, most notably Spider-Man himself. 

Powers: Along with superhuman strength, speed and agility, Cardiac also has possession of a beta powered pulse staff that he uses as a weapon being able to project electric charges and also has use of a remote controlled Hover Hawk/ Stingray Glider he uses for short to medium distance transportation while using his staff for the glider/hawk to cling onto.

Origin: Elias surgically replaced his own heart with that of a compact beta-particle reactor that gives him his great energy and had his skin laced with a Vibranium pseudo-nerve network...He focuses this energy into his muscles for strength, speed and agility and also into his power staff which he directs at will...Elias depends on this beta-particle energy which allows his heart to work properly, very similar to the old Iron Man/Tony Stark tales.


1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #344, As Wirtham: #342

February 1991

Origin:  Amazing Spider-Man #376

Spider-Man Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #342 & 343 (Wirtham only)...344, 345, 359, 360, 376, 377, 388...Web Of Spider-Man #107 & 108...Spider-Man Unlimited #1, 7 & 14...Black Cat #1, 2 (Cameo) & 3

Other Appearances: Nightwatch #4 (Cameo), 5 (Wirtham only), 7 & 9-12...Spirits Of Vengeance #22...Wolverine #134 & 140

Is he friend or is he foe? This was the question initially asked with the introduction of Cardiac...Known as a vigilante, Cardiac fights for Social Injustices caused by those who commit crimes within the "law"...Elias lost his brother Joshua years ago while a cure for him was available yet wasn't cost effective determined by the Insurance companies and Sapirdyne Chemicals...Motivated by these events, Elias became a Doctor determined to help others and built a powerful medical and biological research empire, but his motivation didn't end there: He became Cardiac, surgically altering his heart and skin becoming far more powerful and thus able to wreak havok on those he determines commit crimes within the law...On the way, he met  Spider-Man and learned it wasn't a perfect world.


Cardiac has maintained his "friend or foe" status throughout his career crossing path's with many others including the Rhino, Styx & Stone, Scorpion, Vengeance, Blaze and even Wolverine...An espionage agent, Chris Paxton learned Elias' secret and became Cardiaxe, an evil version of Cardiac but was soon taken care of by the duo of Cardiac and his old friend Nightwatch, who was later killed by El Toro Negro...Cardiac is constantly after corrupt corporations and individuals throughout his many stories and many times Spider-Man attempts to stop him...Most recently, Cardiac has been seen in the pages of Wolverine...A very interesting character with much potential that deserves to be seen much more or even in his own limited series!


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Spider-Man Fear Rating: 5 (out of 10)

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