Black Tarantula


Name: Carlos LaMuerto

1st App.: Amazing Spiderman #419 (1st Mention /In Shadows)...Amazing Spider-Man #424 (Cameo)...Amazing Spider-Man #432 (1st Full Appearance)

ID: Secret

Team/Family: Ex-Husband to Marina Caches & Father to Fabian...Former ally of Fortunato the Crimelord.

Powers: A "Family Tradition" in being the Black Tarantula, Carlos donned this identity many years ago as he has the power of immortality...He has great skills in hand to hand combat & martial arts, as well as Super-Human strength, great agility & speed...Known as the Immortal  Warrior.

Spidey's Foe?: Yes, One of his newest villains to come out of Amazing.

Appearances: Amazing Spiderman #419-422, 424, 427, 428, 432 & 434-436...Spider-Man Unlimited #22


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