Black FoX

Name: Unrevealed

1st App.: Amazing Spider-Man #255

ID: Secret

Team/Family: Married with four children.

Powers: The Black Fox is a man in his 60's who has thrived in a career of thievery, specializing at being a jewel thief...He has succeeded at many attempts he has made throughout his career but has been halted by Spider-Man as an elderly man...Highly skilled athlete & greatly agile even for a man his age...Carries a weapons pack that contain smoke & flash grenades, glass cutting device & a burglar detection neutralizer.

Spidey's Foe?: Yes, Not much of a challenge though!

Met: Amazing Spider-Man #255, 265, 304, 305 & 348-350...Web Of Spider-Man #14 & 15 & Annual 10


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